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The Last Shoot, ten-chu sneaker

Today finally we finished shooting for 'Kicks Japan'
We met Taichi+Benio from ten-chu sneaker.
These guys make most amazing custom sneaker, and they also have a band called
'Seppuku Pistols'.....bloody cool people. Check out their PV below.

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BBoy Yoyogi Park

BBoy Park is Tokyo's biggest hip hop event hosted by Crazy-A of the Rock Steady Crew, who was one of the first people to popularize breakdancing in Japan, after some of the luminaries in Wildstyle did an in-store appearance in an Ikebukuro department store.
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Individual collectors are quite shy and hard to find. So we were lucky to get an introduction to the Imai brothers from Blake @ Undefeated. Between them, they have a collection of 1500 pairs of kicks- mostly Nikes, stacked precariously in boxes in their spare room. Tsuneyasu Imai, the younger of the two has an affinity to buying the same model, but in various colors, while Tomoo Imai is a vintage freak.
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Homaraya S8 park Fashion

Did our last fashion shoots with Devin and Alessa at Homaraya S8 park!!
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Sousou & Kayo Sakata

Rounding up model shoots this week. Shot the ridiculously beautiful Kayo Sakata, in a gorgeous ryokan in Ueno- it is impossible to take a bad shot of this girl! Shoes from the Kyoto tabi company sousou. Thanks Risa for the hair/make.
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Ree-K is a Dj/ graphic desinger who will contribute to the customize section of the book. I've been seeing her spin at parties since I was a teenager.
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Skit Overload

Skit is the sneaker aficiandos ultimate, all time fantasy come true. The store houses 16 THOUSAND pairs of used sneakers,- it is both mind boggling, and dizzying. The prices, however, are not. This is the least greedy shop in Japan, seriously- this is the best place to get rare, vintage kicks for a great price. We went to the owner Katsushige Kamamoto's pad to shoot some of his collection, both of kicks and old skool hip hop records, that feature sneakers on the jackets.