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Toyoko Inn

Toyoko Inn (one of Japan's largest chain hotels) ran an excerpt from Creative Sole, for their "meaningful work" issue! Toyoko Inn is ubiquitous in Japan, I use it often when I'm on work trips, and the magazine's potential readership exceeds 1.5 million people. The passion of the people in the sneaker community fits with the theme of the magazine, it is made up of people following their dreams, and supporting each other.
I am super grateful. Thanks Kazuhisa!

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Sneakers Magazine

Beautiful Italian web site Sneakers Magazine have a feature on Creative Sole.

thanks so much Mauro!

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Japan Trends

Creative Sole in Japan Trends, thank you so much William! 

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Virtual Shoe Museum

Creative Sole in the super cool Virtual Shoe Museum, thanks so much! 

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Creative Sole in idN design magazine, thanks so much Pris!

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We Heart

Stoked to see Creative Sole in We Heart magazine. 

Thanks so much Lisa!

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Received samples of the Creative Sole book, finally. 
It looks incredible, thick, textured hardcover, the photos are gorgeous. 
I am extremely thrilled with the way it turned out, and HUGE thanks to Christopher Salyers for the design, I can not express enough how important a great designer is to a book like this to create visual coherency. 

I will have extremely limited numbers available if you are in Asia, and wish to purchase, please email kingyoyo23 (at mark) gmail.com
(30USD, paypal only, for a limited time, free shipping in Asia) 

Most of the books are going to LA, so if you are in the US, it will be cheaper for you to purchase over there when they arrive, it'll be on amazon as well. 

If you contributed to the book, I will have books sent out to you very, very soon, I only have one at the moment. 

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Creative Sole

New book, after two years of numerous trips to LA, Boston, London, Hong Kong and Australia, here we go, finally! A new book on Japan's sneaker culture.
It is very different to Kicks Japan, it is more design and product based, with over 300 photos of sneakers, including mita sneaker's entire portfolio.
Another reason it is different to my previous book, is that it is a publication which was produced in conjunction with the Japanese American Museum in LA.
We went back and forth many times to have meetings and to interview people, and it is more like a catalog (more on that later). The book was completed with a considerable amount of direction by Koji Sakai (former VP of programs at JANM). It was an honor to work with him.

The sneaker guys were great as usual, there is a lot of content;  from Japanese themed sneakers, Japanese designed kicks, Japan-manufactured items and historic, rare, limited and vintage sneakers. There are lots of interviewees, and as always, model shoots, with a bunch of new faces (lots of hapa and Hawaiian- J girls). There is really a lot of photos, it is much more comprehensive than Kicks Japan, and will come in a nice thick hardcover, with fresh design by design wizard Christopher Salyer over in New York.

I'll miss the LA meetings, eating obscenely delicious Mexican (don't bother trying to get this food group in Japan), visiting K town (and their spas, fresh off the plane), dossing around downtown, stacking up on books at Kinokuniya and zipping around in an Uber visiting designers, skaters, sneaker heads and so on.

For press enquiries mail kingyoyo23 (at mark) gmail.com

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new projects

Been working on some new kicks related projects -- keep your eyes peeled!